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Note the use of imported bearings

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        Rolling bearings are precision components , its use should also be carefully carried out . No matter how high-performance bearings , if used improperly , it will not get the expected performance . Cautions about bearing follows.

        First, to keep their surroundings clean bearings

        Even tiny invisible dust into the bearing will increase wear, vibration and noise of the bearing. Bearings and their peripheral accessories should be kept clean , especially dust and dirt , tools and working environment must be kept clean.

        Second, when using the installer should carefully

        Does not allow a strong punch , not allowed to use a hammer , knocking direct bearing pressure is not allowed to pass through the rolling .

        Third, the use of appropriate and accurate installation tool

        Try using a dedicated tool , try to avoid using things fabric and staple fiber and the like .

        Fourth, to prevent corrosion of bearings

        Direct hand pick bearings , to fully wash hands sweat , and coated with high-quality mineral oil before operation, during the rainy season and summer with particular attention to rust. However , in some special operating conditions , the bearing can be obtained in a longer life of traditional computing , in particular in the case of light load . These special operating conditions is that when the rolling surface ( track and rolling elements ) are effectively separated and limit pollutants may cause damage to the surface of a lubricant film . In fact, under ideal conditions , the so-called permanent bearing life is possible.
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