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(Explorer)Bearing performance

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SKF Explorer bearings SKF bearings based on good design , coupled with the latest improvements in the production process, in order to achieve its superior performance levels.

       SKF Explorer bearings includes a wide range of technical improvements , more different types of bearings , bearing Explorer uses some or all aspects of improvements :

        1 , improved quality bearing steel. SKF Explorer bearings using extremely pure, homogeneous and with very few inclusions of steel. These improved steel than the current highest purity grade steel secondary classification method is even higher. SKF calculated using methods developed to distinguish their purity steel.

        2, SKF unique heat treatment technology. SKF uses its unique heat treatment technology , in order to give full play to the characteristics of these high purity steel. This unique heat treatment technology to optimize the bearing anti-wear properties without affecting its stability at high temperatures . Because of the wear resistance of the bearing has been greatly improved, using the original method of calculating life , can not accurately predict the service life of the bearings .

       3 , to improve the surface roughness. All contact surfaces SKF Explorer bearings ( ie, the contact surface between the rolling elements and raceways of ) its surface roughness have been enhanced to optimize the lubricant effect, and can reduce the vibration and noise , more stable operation of the bearing , only need to use a lower temperature and less lubricant. The bearing can be reduced to the entire configuration, including the maintenance of the seal .
       Type SKF Explorer bearings can provide include angular contact ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, spherical roller bearings , CARB bearings and spherical roller thrust bearings.

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