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Current situation of domestic bearing market need to increase production of high-grade bearing

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Bearing market from the specific country , the United States the largest market , accounting for 23 % of the world ; EU countries , followed by 21% ; Japan accounted for 19% ; Russia 6% ; India accounted for 4% ; China accounted for 10 %. But as bearing producer, China is one of the world's largest bearing producers.

        About half of the domestic production of low-end products bearing must gradually increase the proportion of high-end products to market . According to another report , a positive role in boosting domestic demand and foreign trade slowed down , some power tools bearing market will shift to domestic enterprises , bearings will decline .

        Continued steady development of China's bearing industry has become a support domestic steel market running smoothly bearing the greatest force . Bearing steel sales booming in recent years . Last year , five developed a high-quality steel bearing steel , such as cars , trucks, buses speed bearing steel, bearing steel production grew 23.8% over last year new . In the first half of this year , the company's bearing steel output has reached 78,000 tons , an increase of 35.3%. The newly developed ultra-pure cold-drawn bearing steel timber to provide the world's largest manufacturer of miniature bearings Minebea Company Japan and the United States , high-speed silent bearing steel for the production of air-conditioning , much users. Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel Company produces high -grade bearing steel, sales amounted to 300,000 tons , domestic consumption accounted for one-third of the world's third largest crowd in bearing steel manufacturing enterprises .

       In recent years , the scale of production of domestic bearing industry expanded rapidly, bearing nearly 2,000 enterprises , of which sales of more than 5 million yuan business in more than 900 , the number called the world's first .

       Despite a marked decline in profit growth in the first half , but in line with the relevant data management expectations. Association, who expects 2012 bearing main business revenue will reach about 158 billion yuan , an increase of around 11% , bearing production will reach 21 billion units, an increase of about 16 %.

        With the development of the market , requiring the user to bearings precision, performance, longevity and species diversity raised higher and higher, longer satisfied the requirements of the general-purpose bearings , steering for high- precision , low noise, long-life products needs. Although the development of the bearing industry growth , but compared with the world bearing industrial power , there is a wide gap between the industry and its mainly for high-precision, low -tech and high value-added products bearing ratio. Reflected in the market is that we demand for high -quality bearings rely on imports to meet . Downtown Lee talked about the market bearing the bearing industry vendors lack says.

        Many bearing enterprise reform through a series of independent innovation , so that the bearing industry technology and reliability , stability has improved to some extent , but the sales process in the future , it is important to control the main supporting the market will remain in the hands of these enterprises .

        With the power tool industry is getting warmer , bearing as its main accessories , recently, driven by domestic and foreign markets , bearing sales are gradually showing a good warming trend .

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