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        Located in SHnaghai China and found in 2005, Shanghai Xuou has beenauthorized by Gates(GUPT19013AW), NSK Bearing(REXM-HD-7) and Mitsuboshi foryears with wining of Gates sales championship for consecutive 6years and 3times “Best Development” awarded by NSK.

        Asa several global well-known power transmission product distributor, Xuao alwaysstrictly follows SOP that suppliers given to build the outstanding connectionin between the manufacturer and end users by providing genuine parts, clear andaccurate product information, in-time 7/24 service and high efficient logisticmanagement to add values to our customers.

         Further, we are gratified by the honor and achievement provided by eachour valuable customers and we will improve the quality of our specialtycontinuously to reach the maximum of our customers’ satisfaction.

         To providebetter service, we had launched Xuou web store in 2018,please feel free to link to
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